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Foundation Repair Contractor’s Sales Managers attend Training in Omaha, NE

P1040350More than 40 Sales Managers of foundation repair contractors from all across the United States and Canada attended High Value Sales Management Training on July 9th and 10th at Foundation Supportworks® (FSI) Headquarters in Omaha, NE.  On the first day, attendees went through introductions and started with discussions on how to develop the correct culture in the sales department, concentrating on high value activities as a best online pokies sales manager, building trust, pride and camaraderie within sales teams, and the correct process for hiring and retaining a successful salesperson.  After lunch, the group was introduced to the philosophy of a resident sales pro.  This role is typically filled by the sales manager and is the “go-to” person for all sales questions whether based on aptitude or attitude.  Next, the manager ride-a-long process was explained in detail to provide maximum benefit for the sales rep and sales manager.  The final subject addressed on day one was dealing with change.  As new processes are implemented, resistance to change can occur.  Preparing for resistance was discussed with tactics to get the best outcome.

The second day began with a discussion on the importance of having a consistent process for training newly hired sales reps and setting only high expectations for the entire sales staff.  This was followed by a strategy session on establishing and maintaining positive relationships between the sales force and the production crews.  Communication between these two departments was the focus of this segment; explaining that when these two departments are in sync and strive to help each other out, your company will in turn elevate to a whole new level.  After a short break, new additions to the Best in Class sales program were introduced, with new content for sales managers to use in their weekly sales meetings.  The group took a lunch break and then returned for the last segment of the training: role playing.  In regard to honing a sales rep’s craft, role playing is one of the single most impactful yet underutilized practices of a successful sales rep.  The group talked through the importance of role playing and new ideas to make role playing a staple item.

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Foundation Repair Contractors Attend 2-day Production Management Training in Omaha, NE


Over 32 owners and production managers of foundation repair contractors throughout the United States and Canada attended Best Foot Forward, Excellence in Production Training in Omaha, NE on May 7th-8th at Foundation Supportworks® (FSI) Headquarters.  The first morning of training focused on the role of the production manager, and the importance of focusing on high value activities while delegating low value activities to help their production team achieve excellence.  The next topic discussed was creating a healthy “One Team” mentality between the sales and production departments.  These two departments can have strained relationships, but with intentional effort and leadership, a team atmosphere and unity will develop over time.  Training continued with discussions on how a production department’s success can be impacted positively by being organized and having the right tools and equipment available.  The Best Foot Forward program has several examples for production managers to follow to better their crews organization.  Two custom software solutions were also demonstrated:  Tool Tracker™  and Crew Organizer™ .  Tool Tracker™  is a thorough systematic approach to keeping track of serialized and consumable tools by location.  Crew Organizer™  is a great solution for assigning people and equipment to jobs based on skills and abilities of the crew members, as well as availability of equipment.

After lunch, training resumed with a discussion on building a great team.  Many topics were covered, including how to recruit for exceptional production workers, hiring, orientation, setting expectations, compensation, ongoing training, and conducting meetings.  After a short break, the final training session for the day discussed measuring and incentivizing performance, as well as quality assurance procedures.  Confirming quality is important and this is done with a crew scorecard, where each foreman is given a net promoter score by their customers.  Quality is further confirmed by explaining how to inspect what you expect with job site inspections.  The day completed with an evening reception where owners and production managers were able to network with their peers from other parts of the country.

Day two started by discussing the office component of production.  Production scheduling was discussed and production managers were challenged to set scheduling parameters for their crews in addition to having their call center do the scheduling if they aren’t already doing so.  A professional crew has responsibilities before the job a_MG_3184nd these responsibilities were covered, including a call to the customer on the way to the jobsite.  Once the crew arrives at the jobsite, their professional responsibilities include a systematic approach of communicating with the customer to instill confidence in their crew and the crew’s abilities.  Lastly, the attendees discussed the process of conducting the final walk-through a crew leader should conduct with the homeowner upon completion of the project.  After lunch, BizWiz® presented their latest innovations with the functionality of a hand held tablet for crews at the jobsite.  Training concluded with a discussion on implementation and next steps for each attendee.

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Foundation Repair Contractors Attend Training Event in Omaha, NE

20130605_185450On June 5th and 6th, more than 25 sales managers of foundation repair companies from across the United States and Canada attended Sales Managers Only Training in Omaha, NE. The event allowed these managers to discuss and brainstorm ideas with their colleagues on the most effective ways to motivate, train, and reward their sales teams. Several topics were covered during the training, including: establishing a positive sales culture, effective role playing, how to inspect what you expect from your sales team, hiring successfully, and facilitating effective sales meetings. Those in attendance enjoyed the opportunity to network with other individuals who face similar challenges in the day to day activities their jobs require of them.

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Foundation Repair Contractors Attend Sales Training in Omaha, NE

During the week of January 16th, more than 45 foundation repair specialists from across the United States and Canada attended training at Foundation Supportworks in Omaha, Nebraska.  Throughout the week, attendees were trained in all areas of the sales process related to Foundation Supportworks line of stabilization systems.  In addition to classroom training, the attendees also benefited from the opportunity to network with other foundation repair contractors throughout North America.

The three-day sales training covered topics such as product features and benefits, interviewing the customer to learn about their wants and needs, proper diagnosing and inspection of foundation related issues, and presenting solutions to the customer.  Sales training attendees were also encouraged to bring their laptops to receive hands-on training on the exclusive Foundation Supportworks sales presentation and proposal generating software program.  The software allows the sales professionals to effectively communicate and educate a homeowner on the unique features and benefits of each of Foundation Supportworks products.

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Foundation Supportworks Products Receive Code Approval in Canada

Foundation Supportworks is proud to announce that it has received an evaluation report from the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC), certifying that Foundation Supportworks products comply with the requirements of the National Building Code of Canada.

The Canadian Construction Materials Centre is a part of Canada’s National Research Council Institute for Research in Construction (NRC), and offers the Canadian construction industry a national evaluation service for products that are covered under the scope of recognized standards, as well as innovative non-standardized materials, products, systems and services in all types of construction.  As part of NRC’s Institute for Research in Construction, the Centre has vital technical support, access to the most up-to-date information on construction technology, a direct liaison to the Canadian construction regulatory framework, and model national code development.

Obtaining this evaluation report from the CCMC ensures that Foundation Supportworks products are recognized as acceptable solutions by all provincial and territorial building regulatory bodies across the country.  Foundation Supportworks is committed to being the leading manufacturer of foundation stabilization systems in both the United States and Canada and is proud to have completed this important phase in verifying code compliance of our products.

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Foundation Supportworks Trains More Than 50 in Atlanta

Foundation Supportworks took residential sales training on the road in February, training more than 50 owners, managers and sales specialists on product information and sales techniques. FSI dealers from Florida, Tennessee, Indiana, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Canada attended the two-day workshop. The training included mostly new additions to the FSI dealer network and topics covered included helical piers, push piers, wall stabilization systems, crawl space stabilization systems, marketing and sales. What did the participants have to say about the experience? “Perfect!” “First class products and first class company!” “I’m so proud to be associated with FSI. The products, marketing approach and sales tools are unlike anything else available. Wow!”

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