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Foundation Repair Contractors Attend Polyurethane Grouting and Cellular Concrete Product Training in Omaha, NE

P1040374Over 35 Owners, Sales Managers, and Foremen from foundation repair companies throughout the United States and Canada attended PolyLEVEL and StableFILL training in Omaha, NE on May 20-21 at Foundation Supportworks  (FSI) Headquarters.  On the morning of Day 1 a number of topics were covered, including classroom training on the features and benefits of concrete lifting using PolyLEVEL polyurethane grouting, an overview of the installation process, an explanation of the various types of PolyLEVEL available (including Hydrophobic and Soil Stabilizer), a review of recent installations from residential and commercial projects completed by the FSI dealer network, and equipment details and options.  After lunch, the attendees participated in a hands-on demonstration where they were able to inject the PolyLEVEL product beneath concrete slabs to see how the polyurethane reacts and raises the concrete.  During the demonstrations, the participants were given a thorough explanation of the different equipment options and components available to them for the installations.  The day concluded with a BBQ at Foundation Supportworks, where the attendees were able to network with other foundation repair contractors from around the country.


Day two of the training started with the Foremen receiving a demonstration on how to properly tear-down, clean, and rebuild the injection gun used in the installations.  Following the demonstration, the group visited a local jobsite to see the polyurethane injection process performed on a large residential driveway.  While the Foremen visited the jobsite, the Owners and Sales Managers spent time in the classroom previewing the new PolyLEVEL module within the exclusive FSI Foundation View Sales Software, as well as the FSI Vistabid Commercial Bidding Software.  Concluding the morning session was a discussion on various strategies to effectively market the PolyLEVEL product.


After lunch, the attendees received training on P1040358StableFILL Cellular Concrete, a lightweight material made by replacing some or all of the stone aggregate used in standard concrete with uniform air cells (voids).  Topics discussed included applications, mix designs, equipment needs, estimating, and technical details.  Past installations were reviewed with the class, showing the many unique applications this lightweight, flowable fill can achieve.  The training reinforced the fact that StableFill is self-leveling and can be mixed as both pervious and non-pervious, while also attaining multiple compressive strengths.

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