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Foundation Stabilization Companies Participate in Accounting Training

P1040921Over 20 owners and accounting personnel from across the Foundation Supportworks dealer network attended Accounting Training in Omaha, NE on July 11th and 12th.  The attendees discussed the importance of critically reading a financial statement in order to make effective business decisions while also determining the potential problem areas within a business.  Other topics covered during the event included accounts payable, accounts receivable, managing inventory, and payroll.  The training also included a presentation from a banking expert who discussed the importance of understanding what your local bank expects from your company.  His discussions focused on revolving lines of credit, asset and lending values, as well as hot-button banking issues.  The training concluded with a panel discussion where the attendees had the opportunity to “ask the experts” questions related to the accounting side of their business.

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Foundation Repair Contractors Attend Training Event in Omaha, NE

20130605_185450On June 5th and 6th, more than 25 sales managers of foundation repair companies from across the United States and Canada attended Sales Managers Only Training in Omaha, NE. The event allowed these managers to discuss and brainstorm ideas with their colleagues on the most effective ways to motivate, train, and reward their sales teams. Several topics were covered during the training, including: establishing a positive sales culture, effective role playing, how to inspect what you expect from your sales team, hiring successfully, and facilitating effective sales meetings. Those in attendance enjoyed the opportunity to network with other individuals who face similar challenges in the day to day activities their jobs require of them.

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Foundation Supportworks Earns ICC-ES Evaluation Report

ICC Approval on helical foundation systemFoundation Supportworks, Inc. (FSI) is pleased to announce the issuance of the International Code Council Evaluation Services (ICC-ES) Report (ESR) 3074, confirming compliance of our helical foundation system with the International Building Code (IBC). Evaluation of the FSI helical foundation system followed product design and testing in accordance with AC358, Acceptance Criteria for Helical Foundation Systems and Devices. AC358 is the only published standard for establishing system capacities for helical foundations.

“By applying for and now having an ICC-ES report issued on our helical product, Foundation Supportworks has again demonstrated our commitment to providing high-quality products that satisfy a standardized testing and certification process. The ICC-ES report assures customers, design professionals and code officials that these products can be trusted to perform as indicated,” says Don Deardorff, Senior Application Engineer for Foundation Supportworks.

ICC-ES evaluation reports offer independent, verified evidence of a product’s code compliance, as well as summarizing relevant installation requirements and testing references. ICC-ES is an independent subsidiary of ICC, created in 2003 when four national building product evaluation services were combined to provide consistent, professional evaluation of building components, products and processes.

Foundation Supportworks offers a complete line of foundation stabilization products for the remedial repair of existing structures as well as deep foundations for new construction projects. The Foundation Supportworks product line includes helical pile and helical anchor systems, push pier systems, lightweight cellular concrete and geopolymer stabilization products. Our international network of contractors consists of some of the most sophisticated foundation repair experts in the world.

Foundation Supportworks is committed to being the leading manufacturer of helical foundation systems and is proud to have completed this important phase in verifying code compliance of our products. For more information on Foundation Supportworks or the products we offer, please visit our website at

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