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Foundation Repair Contractor’s Sales Managers attend Training in Omaha, NE

P1040350More than 40 Sales Managers of foundation repair contractors from all across the United States and Canada attended High Value Sales Management Training on July 9th and 10th at Foundation Supportworks® (FSI) Headquarters in Omaha, NE.  On the first day, attendees went through introductions and started with discussions on how to develop the correct culture in the sales department, concentrating on high value activities as a best online pokies sales manager, building trust, pride and camaraderie within sales teams, and the correct process for hiring and retaining a successful salesperson.  After lunch, the group was introduced to the philosophy of a resident sales pro.  This role is typically filled by the sales manager and is the “go-to” person for all sales questions whether based on aptitude or attitude.  Next, the manager ride-a-long process was explained in detail to provide maximum benefit for the sales rep and sales manager.  The final subject addressed on day one was dealing with change.  As new processes are implemented, resistance to change can occur.  Preparing for resistance was discussed with tactics to get the best outcome.

The second day began with a discussion on the importance of having a consistent process for training newly hired sales reps and setting only high expectations for the entire sales staff.  This was followed by a strategy session on establishing and maintaining positive relationships between the sales force and the production crews.  Communication between these two departments was the focus of this segment; explaining that when these two departments are in sync and strive to help each other out, your company will in turn elevate to a whole new level.  After a short break, new additions to the Best in Class sales program were introduced, with new content for sales managers to use in their weekly sales meetings.  The group took a lunch break and then returned for the last segment of the training: role playing.  In regard to honing a sales rep’s craft, role playing is one of the single most impactful yet underutilized practices of a successful sales rep.  The group talked through the importance of role playing and new ideas to make role playing a staple item.

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Foundation Repair Contractors Attend Polyurethane Grouting Sales and Installation Training in Omaha, NE

P1060084Over 25 owners, sales reps, and installers of foundation repair contractors throughout the United States and Canada attended PolyLEVEL® training in Omaha, NE on June 3-5, 2014 at Foundation Supportworks® (FSI) Headquarters.  On the first morning, attendees went through introductions and then the group divided into two tracks – a sales track and an installation track.   The sales track covered Residential Sales in the morning, followed by Commercial Sales, Marketing, and utilizing the VistaBid® commercial bidding software in the afternoon.  The installation track spent the day with hands-on training at local jobsites where attendees were able to jump right in and inject foam under settled slabs.  While at the jobsites, Best Foot Forward™ scripts were explained, which discusses effective ways to interact and set expectations with the customer.

Day 2  of the training began with a quick review of the sales and installation information discussed from the previous day.  The remainder of the day was spent in a classroom setting training on concrete lifting using PolyLEVEL™ polyurethane grouting and an overview of the installation process.  Experiences learned in the field were discussed and specific tips and tricks were shared with the group.  Field experience prevailed with a more detailed discussion of different scenarios the installers will see and ideas on how to approach these challenges.  IMG_3091Proper equipment start-up and shutdown procedures were also discussed in detail.  The day concluded with an evening reception and dinner where attendees were able to network and enjoy each others company.

The final day of training began with the attendees receiving hands-on training of the breakdown, cleaning, assembly, general maintenance and troubleshooting of the common equipment used with PolyLEVEL™.  The equipment explained included the injection gun, hoses, and foam proportioner.  Training concluded after lunch and the attendees departed.

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Foundation Repair Contractors Attend 2-day Production Management Training in Omaha, NE


Over 32 owners and production managers of foundation repair contractors throughout the United States and Canada attended Best Foot Forward, Excellence in Production Training in Omaha, NE on May 7th-8th at Foundation Supportworks® (FSI) Headquarters.  The first morning of training focused on the role of the production manager, and the importance of focusing on high value activities while delegating low value activities to help their production team achieve excellence.  The next topic discussed was creating a healthy “One Team” mentality between the sales and production departments.  These two departments can have strained relationships, but with intentional effort and leadership, a team atmosphere and unity will develop over time.  Training continued with discussions on how a production department’s success can be impacted positively by being organized and having the right tools and equipment available.  The Best Foot Forward program has several examples for production managers to follow to better their crews organization.  Two custom software solutions were also demonstrated:  Tool Tracker™  and Crew Organizer™ .  Tool Tracker™  is a thorough systematic approach to keeping track of serialized and consumable tools by location.  Crew Organizer™  is a great solution for assigning people and equipment to jobs based on skills and abilities of the crew members, as well as availability of equipment.

After lunch, training resumed with a discussion on building a great team.  Many topics were covered, including how to recruit for exceptional production workers, hiring, orientation, setting expectations, compensation, ongoing training, and conducting meetings.  After a short break, the final training session for the day discussed measuring and incentivizing performance, as well as quality assurance procedures.  Confirming quality is important and this is done with a crew scorecard, where each foreman is given a net promoter score by their customers.  Quality is further confirmed by explaining how to inspect what you expect with job site inspections.  The day completed with an evening reception where owners and production managers were able to network with their peers from other parts of the country.

Day two started by discussing the office component of production.  Production scheduling was discussed and production managers were challenged to set scheduling parameters for their crews in addition to having their call center do the scheduling if they aren’t already doing so.  A professional crew has responsibilities before the job a_MG_3184nd these responsibilities were covered, including a call to the customer on the way to the jobsite.  Once the crew arrives at the jobsite, their professional responsibilities include a systematic approach of communicating with the customer to instill confidence in their crew and the crew’s abilities.  Lastly, the attendees discussed the process of conducting the final walk-through a crew leader should conduct with the homeowner upon completion of the project.  After lunch, BizWiz® presented their latest innovations with the functionality of a hand held tablet for crews at the jobsite.  Training concluded with a discussion on implementation and next steps for each attendee.

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Foundation Repair Contractors Attend 4-day Installation Training in Omaha, NE

P1230726Over 20 installers from foundation repair contractors throughout the United States and Canada attended installation training in Omaha, NE on April 15th – 18th at Foundation Supportworks (FSI) Headquarters.  The first morning of training started in the classroom with introductions, and also a presentation explaining the importance of production and how it is the production crew installing the product that leaves the lasting impression with the customer.  Two popular bowing wall repair products were also discussed: the Geo-Lock™ Wall Anchor System and Powerbrace™ System.  After the classroom presentations, the attendees were taken out to job sites to receive hands-on field training to install the products.

Day two of the training started at FSI Headquarters in the classroom with a brief overview of the prior day job sites and installations.  More classroom interaction included discussion about the installation of the FSI Push Pier System, as well as the Carbon Armor® and ArmorLock® wall repair products.  By mid-morning, the participants were  taken to job sites to see these products installed and use the equipment needed during the installation process.  The day concluded with a nice dinner where those in attendance had the opportunity to network with other foundation repair contractors from around the country.

The morning of day three started with review of the job site installs from the previous day as well as classroom interaction and training of the SmartJack™ and Slab Pier Systems.  The attendees received a tour of the FSI campus,  and then spent the rest of the day on jobsites installing various foundation repair products.

The last day of training was dedicated to covering the  many systems available to the Foundation Supportworks dealer network for their production departments.  The “Best Foot Forward” production program was explained to the group, along with the Tool Tracker, Crew Organizer, and BizWiz©® Production App softwares.  A round table discussion allowing the attendees to ask questions from their experiences during the week concluded the training.

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Foundation Stabilization Companies Attend Accounting Training in Omaha, NE

_MG_2209Over 25 owners and accounting personnel from across the Foundation Supportworks (FSI) dealer network attended Accounting Training in Omaha, NE on March 19th and 20th.  During the two day event, several discussions focused on how to critically read the financial statement and how to decipher areas of a business that are doing well but also areas that may be problematic and need attention.  There are many inputs needed to generate the financial statement and these inputs were also covered, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, managing inventory, and payroll.

Banking success is important to any business and knowing what a bank requires is key to a business’s success.  FSI brought in a banking expert to discuss the importance of understanding what a local bank expects from a company.  Topics discussed included revolving lines of credit, asset and lending values, as well as hot-button banking issues.

The training concluded with a panel discussion where the attendees had the opportunity to “ask the experts” questions related to the accounting side of their business.

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Foundation Repair Contractor’s Attend Management Training in Omaha, NE

_DS_0964On February 19th, 20th, and 21st, more than 40 Department Managers of foundation repair contractors from all across the United States and Canada attended Management Training in Omaha, NE at Foundation Supportworks® (FSI) Headquarters.

On the first morning, the attendees discussed their personal leadership styles (collected from assessments the individuals took prior to the training class), the strengths and weaknesses of those styles, and the most effective ways to lead and manage their teams based on their own behavioral tendencies.  After a great lunch, the conversation shifted to the topic of hiring and recruiting the best talent.  The class discussed the importance of having a systemized approach during the hiring process, one that incorporates multiple interviews as well as behavioral style assessments to ensure you have found the right cultural fit for your company.  Also, because the first several weeks and months for a new employee are crucial for them to be a success in their new position, part of the afternoon focused on the orientation process to help new hires get off on the right foot.  At the end of the first day, a group dinner was provided where attendees were able to unwind and network with other foundation repair companies from across the country.  The second day of training focused on the mechanics of each individual department and how to best manage the staff within those departments.  After lunch, the attendees discussed effective methods for conducting employee performance evaluations.  _DS_1014The final day of the training began by defining employee types and effective ways to manage top, medium, and low performing employees.  The session concluded by focusing on the importance of understanding your employees motivators to ensure that you are rewarding and recognizing them in ways that align with these motivators.

There were many discussions about real world victories and struggles that our dealers have experienced and collaborative brainstorming to better ourselves, our companies and the FSI Dealer Network.  FSI training events have a tradition of building camaraderie with its Dealer Network, and this training was no exception.

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Foundation Repair Contractors Attend Polyurethane Grouting Installation Training in Omaha, NE

Over a dozen installers of IMG_0030foundation repair contractors throughout the United States and Canada attended PolyLEVEL™ training in Omaha, NE on November 6th-8th at Foundation Supportworks® (FSI) Headquarters.  On the first morning, attendees received classroom training on concrete lifting using the PolyLEVEL™ system as well as an overview of the installation process including proper placement of injection ports and troubleshooting techniques.  Hands-on field training began mid-morning, as attendees were able to inject foam at actual jobsites.  The day concluded with a dinner where everyone was able to unwind from the day and network with other polyurethane contractors from across the country.

Thursday P1040531morning began at FSI Headquarters with an overview of the prior day’s jobs, followed with classroom training that included an overview of the three most common PolyLEVEL™ installation equipment options (enclosed trailer, walk behind buggy, and entire rig on a cab and chassis).  By mid-morning, the attendees went back out to more jobsites to focus on the installation process and learning where efficiencies can be gained while injecting the foam.  The last day of training began with a review of the prior day’s jobsite installations, followed by training on the proper maintenance, teardown and cleaning of the polyurethane injection gun.  Lunch concluded the training and attendees departed.

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Deep Foundation Systems Training Course Takes Place in Omaha, Nebraska

_A_L9975On October 9th-11th, over 25 foundation repair contractors from across North America attended commercial sales and marketing training at Foundation Supportworks (FSI) corporate headquarters in Omaha, NE.  The training focused on various sales and marketing strategies associated with commercial construction as it relates to deep foundation solutions.  During the 3-day training, topics discussed included technical knowledge, effective communication practices with engineers and architects, helical pile and tieback installation procedures, reading project specifications and plans, and out-servicing the competition, among others.  Attendees were also trained on two of FSI’s exclusive software programs: HelixPro™ Design Software allows you to calculate bearing and uplift capacities of FSI helical piles as well as tension capacities of FSI helical tiebacks as they pertain to specific site and soil parameters, and VistaBid™, _A_L0039which is a program used for bidding commercial projects and maintaining a contact database, among other features.  Field training included observing a helical pile installation and the comparison of calculating differential pressure versus the use of a digital torque monitoring system.

Those in attendance enjoyed the opportunity of networking with other foundation repair companies from across North America,while also sharing best practices on the most effective ways to grow their commercial divisions.

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Foundation Repair Contractors Attend 4-day Installation Training in Omaha, Nebraska

P1050846During the week of September 23rd, over 25 foundation repair contractors from across the United States attended Installation Training at Foundation Supportworks (FSI) corporate headquarters in Omaha, NE.  During the 4-day training, the attendees spent every morning in the classroom learning the step-by-step installation process for all of FSI’s foundation stabilization products.  The classroom time also allowed the participants to network with other dealers in the training, brainstorm ideas, and discuss ways to maximize efficiencies related to the installation part of their businesses. The majority of the installation training was spent on several different jobsites, where the attendees received hands-on training on the proper techniques used to install the FSI product line.  The first two days of the field training focused on wall stabilization products, including the Geo-Lock® Wall Anchor System, PowerBraces™, and the CarbonArmor™ System.  The last two days on the jobsites included training on push piers, helical piers, slab piers, SmartJacks™, and the PolyLEVEL™ System, which is used to stabilize and lift sinking concrete.P1050836


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Foundation Repair Contractors Attend Polyurethane Grouting and Cellular Concrete Product Training in Omaha, NE

P1040374Over 35 Owners, Sales Managers, and Foremen from foundation repair companies throughout the United States and Canada attended PolyLEVEL and StableFILL training in Omaha, NE on May 20-21 at Foundation Supportworks  (FSI) Headquarters.  On the morning of Day 1 a number of topics were covered, including classroom training on the features and benefits of concrete lifting using PolyLEVEL polyurethane grouting, an overview of the installation process, an explanation of the various types of PolyLEVEL available (including Hydrophobic and Soil Stabilizer), a review of recent installations from residential and commercial projects completed by the FSI dealer network, and equipment details and options.  After lunch, the attendees participated in a hands-on demonstration where they were able to inject the PolyLEVEL product beneath concrete slabs to see how the polyurethane reacts and raises the concrete.  During the demonstrations, the participants were given a thorough explanation of the different equipment options and components available to them for the installations.  The day concluded with a BBQ at Foundation Supportworks, where the attendees were able to network with other foundation repair contractors from around the country.


Day two of the training started with the Foremen receiving a demonstration on how to properly tear-down, clean, and rebuild the injection gun used in the installations.  Following the demonstration, the group visited a local jobsite to see the polyurethane injection process performed on a large residential driveway.  While the Foremen visited the jobsite, the Owners and Sales Managers spent time in the classroom previewing the new PolyLEVEL module within the exclusive FSI Foundation View Sales Software, as well as the FSI Vistabid Commercial Bidding Software.  Concluding the morning session was a discussion on various strategies to effectively market the PolyLEVEL product.


After lunch, the attendees received training on P1040358StableFILL Cellular Concrete, a lightweight material made by replacing some or all of the stone aggregate used in standard concrete with uniform air cells (voids).  Topics discussed included applications, mix designs, equipment needs, estimating, and technical details.  Past installations were reviewed with the class, showing the many unique applications this lightweight, flowable fill can achieve.  The training reinforced the fact that StableFill is self-leveling and can be mixed as both pervious and non-pervious, while also attaining multiple compressive strengths.

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